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  • Services performed at an individual’s home including a wide range of skilled and non-skilled services, including part-time nursing care, various types of therapy, assistance with activities of daily living and homemaker services such as cleaning and meal preparation.
  • Discover the keys to a truly healthy home
  • An insurance benefit that covers skilled care for seriously ill, homebound patients who may later choose hospice services. A physician order is required for patients who need intermittent skilled nursing services in their home.


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intrepid home health

intrepid home health – K&H 1-1/2-Gallon

K&H 1-1/2-Gallon Thermal Bowl, Assorted
K&H 1-1/2-Gallon Thermal Bowl, Assorted
If your pet spends time outside in the winter, this is a cold weather necessity. Now you can make sure your pet always has access to drinkable water all winter long with a Thermal Bowl. The Thermo Bowl will keep your dog’s (or cat’s) outdoor water bowl free from ice all fall, winter, and spring down to temperatures to 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. But, it uses less electricity than a 30-watt light bulb! The electronics are safely sealed inside the bowl, and the cord is steel wrapped to ensure your pet’s safety. It is UL approved in both the US and Canada.

home nurse Paloma Home Health Agency serves North Texas and Denton County call us today 972 346 2013

home nurse Paloma Home Health Agency serves North Texas and Denton County call us today 972 346 2013
Employment in health care will continue to grow for several reasons. The number of people in older age groups, with much greater than average health care needs, will grow faster than the total population between 2006 and 2016; as a result, the demand for health care will increase. Employment in home health care and nursing and residential care should increase rapidly as life expectancies rise, and as aging children are less able to care for their parents and rely more on long-term care facilities. Advances in medical technology will continue to improve the survival rate of severely ill and injured patients, who will then need extensive therapy and care. New technologies will make it possible to identify and treat conditions that were previously not treatable. Medical group practices and integrated health systems will become larger and more complex, increasing the need for office and administrative support workers. Industry growth also will occur as a result of the shift from inpatient to less expensive outpatient and home health care because of improvements in diagnostic tests and surgical procedures, along with patients’ desires to be treated at home.

Home Health Software – HealthCare Synergy, Inc.

Home Health Software - HealthCare Synergy, Inc.
Founded in 1988 by healthcare professionals with a combined 28 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Healthcare Synergy, Inc. has been providing home health agencies, and other healthcare entities with quality software and unparalleled support from a dedicated and highly qualified staff.

intrepid home health

Allied Stainless Steel Heated Pet Bowl,  5-Quart
Allied, Stainless Steel Heated Pet Bowl, 5 Quart. This low-wattage Heated Pet Bowl has a capacity of 1.25 gallons, and is thermostatically controlled. The stainless steel Bowl is dishwasher safe. Both enable the consumer to remove the heating element after the winter season, which allows year-round use. Nonheated Bowl Replacements are available at a fraction of the cost of the entire Heated Bowl. This means economical replacement of a worn Bowl or convenient rotation of dirty Bowls. Both Bowls are nestable, and the cord is coiled and secured to the bottom of the Bowl for a neat shelf appearance. 50 watts, 120 volts. All of our products are fully warranted against defects in workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase, unless otherwise noted. U.L. Listed